Freesat was created to ensure that everyone has the best of free digital TV, no matter where they live in the UK.

Team freesat is a small bunch of people. Just 28 at the last count. Jointly owned by ITV and the BBC and launched in May 2008. We share your passion for great TV, and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy free digital TV, plus free HD programmes, with no contract and no subscription, just a one-off payment. No catch.

With over 150 channels as standard, you'll be spoilt for choice. Choose freesat HD and enjoy our five free HD channels. Choose freesat+ and on top of all that you'll also be able to pause and rewind live tv and record a library of you favourite shows.

There's a range of options with freesat, all completely subscription-free.

And now selected freesat boxes and TVs also bring you brilliant On demand TV from the BBC and ITV.

Freesat uses the same dish and satellites as Sky, so if you’ve already got a dish all you need to do is connect a freesat box or TV and away you go.

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